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I’m obsessed with making customers obsessed.


I'm a creative design and digital product leader who has delivered business results and award-winning web and mobile products for world-class product companies such as Intuit, EMC, and RSA. I love to imagine and create exceptional customer and product experiences, and direct the teams that make that possible.

And I’ve been doing this for quite some time. I’ve spent much of my career building & leading design teams in some of the largest software companies. But I’ve also done the same in smaller design consultancies and startups. In all cases, the value I bring to an organization is the same:

  • I define the strategic and design visions for industry-leading B2B and B2C products

  • I build, lead, and nurture game-changing experience design and brand teams and support them with systems and processes

  • I create exceptional mobile and web products for extremely complex systems

  • I create delight through deep customer empathy and user-centered design methods

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